WTF!!!! Both dating and being in a commitment can be hard work. Meaning, we work trying to find that right person or work trying to work through differences with the so call right someone. WTF!!!

Well, I can only speak for myself. Yes, I fall hard and I indulge with whomever I am into, but I came to realize that this is who I am and if the person cannot deal they was just not for me.

But during this time and age do people really date or just hook up? Get a taste of the water and then decide to go on a date with that person. Truthfully, for me  I truly just want to link. Running from the work of a commitment.

Funny, I was watching the red table talk with Jada and family and Jada said, "How we treat ourselves is the way a person you are with will treat you."  What a statement!!!  This made me think. Damn!!! I missing out because I treat myself damn good. Facts!!!

That is why I always say love you and know you. When you love you and get to know you. You love others and they love you. Accepting bull will be a no no because you don't' bullshit your own self so you are not going to take the bull from anyone else.