What is it worth? That is a very general question that I have when it comes to knowing your own needs and being true to who you are.

Many of us take different relationship sacrifices which causes for a person to put their own desires and needs to the side to ensure that our partner, friends, and family feels safe or wanted. People change friend groups, change lifestyle, change thought  processes, and even loose what they want the most in life just to accommodate others feelings.

My thoughts....

It is time for a reevaluation and notice the most important person is you. If you are not good the people who surround you won't be good. The energy that is put out is also the energy that comes our way from others.  The importance of good energy and having good energy surrounding you helps with growth and ambition.

Everything has an end and beginning some are long term and many are short term. Life is about experiencing and embracing those moments. When dealing with a person or persons that  do not consider you or trust you really sucks. Maybe the end is now and stop putting  off and sacrificing  your needs and wants. So that  other people can feel comfortable and safe. Well that is kind but the stress of your own needs will build and you will become Le Misérables.

I am learning everyday the importance of me and building a foundation so that my children know to never settle. We just do not know where life will take us. Whether we have a day or two to live, loose our memory, or even go into a coma.

I do not want to be in a relationship with no one who is having security issues, trust issues, and I have  to avoid my needs and wishes for them to feel secure.

I understand as humans we make mistakes and we also hurt our love ones, but if we forgive and move on from the hurt do not restrain me. I guarantee you will be hurt again. Facts!!

I am not letting go of my family and friends because of anyone's insecurities. I may love you but I love me more.