I am bringing and living this year with pride, love, fight, and prosperity. Nothing will stop me.  I am here to thrive and live life to the fullest. I have a purpose and my purpose will be fulfilled.

All the trail and tribulations planted me and fed me.

All the tears that fell helped my body grow .

All the fears help me see and face them.

My heart grows every time it is broken because my mind and body heals those broken hearts. Helping me strive through the pain of it all.

We live in this world but we forget to be alive and strive. Our pain takes over and we build a wall. Everyone is special in their own way. See that your special, feel your greatness, give your love that you have and do not be afraid that it will be taken.

Be Alive

Strive and do not loose that Drive

Love when hurt. See the hurt as Growth

Jump when you are Afraid

Enjoy your Moments

Don't miss those moments because you are unhappy or not what someone expects you to be

Be Alive