As we grow into oneself we see and feel everything differently. Mindset either changes to be better and also may change for the worst. Our life is under our own control. We choose our friends. Who is allowed to know specific details of our lives and mindset, but so many people live 4 others and not for them.

The world and beliefs do mold people who they are but in reality the control is for oneself to really determine. Many tend to take on what they cannot control which bring stresses and people questioning their own self worth. The main factor for me is to endure what I can control and that is me.

Live4Life is very meaningful, but  you also have to be aware of what you put in your body as well. Good nourishment and particular foods give you strength, reduces stress, sexual appetite, and energy.  These vital human needs help the mind to be stable and the body feel good.

Everyone has different goals and views of what life is best for them but I am saying live it. If you love the 9 to 5 do it,  love it and live it, but if it is more you want to do don't be afraid to journey out and get the experience to find what you truly want.

Please view Live Life to the fullest from Nick Martin. He mentions great points about living life.

Change your mindset and embrace the mistakes. Being afraid is ok. Walk your own path and Liv4Life. Love you, learn who your are, and let go of what you cannot control.