Things in life can be strange and meaningful. It can also be what you do not expect but embracing the unexpected and living those moments are the best at times. I am working on freeing myself and mind. I tend to get scared to make that jump in the ocean. It's just that the ocean is very unpredictable. Beautiful indeed but can be rough and choppy. The ocean can also be tranquil and calm.

What am I running from? Is it the calmness or maybe the roughness or is it no matter how the ocean is calm or rough I can drown either way. I have to make that leap because I can swim whether the ocean is calm or rough it is the amount of effort that has to be put in. I have to put in that work whether it is an easy journey or a hard journey.

I am confident and I am not afraid. I am the best at everything I do and I am amazing. I am ready for the leap and swim not matter how calm or rough the oceans is. I am riding the small waves and the big waves.

Life is  ongoing like the ocean and we kiss the shores for a break but we continue forever.