What is the meaning of manifesting?

  • Manifesting comes from the Latin word manifestare and means; to make visible, clear, evident or to reveal, make something known. When we talk about the Law of Attraction, then we often refer to the whole process as manifesting, but the manifestation is in reality only the last step of the process.

When manifesting your desires you have to ensure that you know and also believe that you have what you desire. You also have to be detail in with what you want. For example, You can't just say I want world peace or I want a husband/wife. You have to be precise in what you want and ensure you state everything clear. You may manifesting a husband/wife who has issue and mistreats you.

Remember to take away those negative thoughts. Embrace and pull in those positive thoughts to ensure that your manifestation is manifested.

I have a ritual I do every day where I write down my manifestation within my 369 journal. https://369project.com/ . This provides me guidance as well as clarity. Also writing down my manifestations helps me know and feel that it is happening.  The journal organizes my mind and keeps my focus in one direction.

Check out this fantastic YouTube video of Sadhguru. He gives a fantastic explanation on manifesting. Listen carefully and think about how your thoughts can deter you from your manifestations.