Many of us love hard and we hurt even harder. The pain can be unbearable and many of us protects our hearts so that we will never feel this pain again. Why is this so? The pain of a broken heart can make you stronger and also make the heart bigger.  What I mean big as in growing to love better or even differently then the first go around.

We all go through some type of brokenness. It may be a loss of a loved one, someone we truly trust lost our trust, a significant other cheated, or not seeing our own greatness and feeling like a failure.

Just remember our body functions by standing tall and the brokenness won't be long.  Lift the shoulders and stretch the spine to release and breathe.  See the  brighter side take the broken parts and glue everything back together. It may not be perfect but the cracks will make you strong. Add additional pieces so you can see the growth within you.

Never give up!!!

You got this!!!

The pain will go away!!!

It will be ok!!!

Win the battle!!!